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Wolf Timbers is "considered exempt" from the Dangerous and Wild Animals legislation recently passed. Please see Wolf Timbers news for further information.



Pictures from Nira's last Days...



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This page is to Spotlight Keeley and her daily activity as she goes through the process of getting along after Nira's passing.

The Keeley Page

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My running tribute to my beloved friend, Nira


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Ingo, Keely and Nira, 3 captive wolves living at Wolf Timbers

This picture will remain Wolf Timbers signature picture.

Wolf Timbers moves on...little by little...



E. LeAnne Bush, prior to her passing away, had named Wolf Timbers in her will as a beneficiary in her estate. According to her will, Wolf Timbers is to receive the benefit of her home.

On September 15, 2014, there will be a hearing in court to decide if Wolf Timbers is to receive any benefit of the estate of E. LeAnne Bush. The Executrix of the estate is asking the courts opinion on how to satisfy the debts of the estate and how they should be paid, in which order and whom is to receive the remaining benefit. Wolf Timbers is requesting "Letters of support" from our followers that wish to see the corporation continue on as Ms. Bush would have wanted.

We are asking that you mail these letters of support to us at our address (PO Box 107, Bolivar, Ohio 44612).


This process has been lengthy and time consuming for us and all involved. We are reaching an endpoint however. The case is in the final chapters in probate court. Depending on the final ruling, we are preparing to move on and acquire additional pups. This will occur, at the earliest, in 2015.

Before that can happen, we are looking into part-time staffing options, acquiring new volunteers, sending volunteers to Wolf Park for advanced training, updating the facility, obtaining AZA or ZAA accreditation and other important happenings.

Please check back often.

Wolf Timbers is still very much alive. Currently we do not have any wolves. Prior to E. LEANNE BUSH's passing, she had made a donation to Wolf Timbers. At the present time, the estate is still in the probate process. Once this become final, we shall continue on with the mission and vision of Wolf Timbers.

Our priorities include updating the facility, obtaining the necessary accreditation to comply with Ohio's "Wild and Dangerous Animals" legislation and staffing issues. Then, we shall begin the process of obtaining wolf pups.

If you need to get a hold of us, please e-mail us at wolftimbers@yahoo.com.




For more information on Ingo's passing, click here

Click here to read our newsletter in memory of Ingo published after his death.


Wolf howling events at wolf timbers
Howl Night
Saturday Nights 2013

Howl with our wolves! Presentations focus on wolf communication. Please understand, as the wolves get older, they howl less frequently.


Ingo, male wolf
Nira, male wolf
Keeley, female wolf

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