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Fall Update on Keeley-2001

We've all heard the saying that little boys are made of assorted parts, which include snails and puppy dog tails. Sounds a little icky to me. Little girls, of course, are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. This can be applied to little "wolf" girls too. Keeley is a wolf, but she is also female. This entitles her to a few more of the "social graces" that Nira and Ingo don't seem to possess. Keeley is a graceful wolf, and she exhibits this to her best ability. She can precariously balance on the edge of an old log, or make a long, lazy stretch and look like poetry in motion. The boys, on the other hand, seem to have two left feet at times. Keeley is preparing for the coming winter snows by dressing in her best "winter coat". She looks a little plumper around the edges as her winter fur fills in, insulating her against the frigid temperatures. She still weighs in around 75 pounds and is current on all her vaccinations. As Keeley gets older, she seems calmer and more relaxed then she did as a pup or yearling. This has been more evident during this last open season. She has come to accept the visitors who come to Wolf Timbers to meet her, Nira and Ingo. Many times you could find her lounging in the shade while the visitors took pictures of her and told her how pretty she looked. Women love flattery. She is, as before, alpha female of the Wolf Timbers pack. She also has the distinction of being the Omega of the pack, or the lowest ranking wolf. Ingo is the Beta wolf, and thereby generally eats before Keeley, even though she is the Alpha female. Keeley would probably not be the Alpha female if Wolf Timbers had an additional female in the pack. She is a low-key wolf and does not like much confrontation. Breeding season and the coming cold weather makes for some happy wolves. The pack has been howling more often lately, and the howls are for longer durations then in the summer. Keeley will be a key factor in determining who will be the Alpha male this year. Whichever male she decides to "court" will get her support in maintaining that status. We feel that Nira will remain Alpha, but now that Ingo has reached sexual maturity leaves that to be seen. Keeley will have her hands full with two males wanting her undivided attentions! Wolf Timbers is closed for the 2001 season. We do have one additional Howl Night on November 16th, starting at 7:30 pm. We encourage you, as Keeley's sponsor, to come and visit for the evening. Through you generous sponsorship and other monies, we have been able to give Keeley the best of care, both physically and mentally. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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