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Spring Update on Keeley-2000

Keeley is looking sleek and relaxed as the summer month's approach. She is in good health and is up to date on all her vaccinations. As of 7-14-00 she weighs in at 74 pounds. She is no longer regurgitating food for Ingo, which has helped keep her at a healthier weight. Keeley remains our most cautious and wary wolf, but she has made great strides in the past 6 months and will now approach closer to human males. She remains extremely affectionate with people she is comfortable with. Her ongoing attraction to our director's dog, Shadow, is evident in her whines and whimpers she exhibits when she sees him. Keeley's physical appearance is typical of an average adult female Gray Wolf. She seems to possess greater speed and agility then her male counterparts. Keeley is graceful and seems ladylike in some of her actions. She is a beautiful wolf, with striking colorations and piercing eyes that seem to change color depending on the day. Keeley has seemed to let go of her maternal behavior in allowing Ingo to eat first all the time. Now she and Ingo compete with each other to see who will get second place seating at the dinner table. At times, it appears that Keeley seeks Nira's assistance to eat when Ingo is around. Keeley has seemed to learn that having Nira close to her is akin to having a big brother or sister on the playground. She also seems to be the primary instigator in the wolf's rompous chases. Usually these high-speed chases end up with Nira and Keeley cornering Ingo. She is definitely less lenient towards Ingo, and will often times let out a deep growl when Ingo approaches. Curiously, we are still a bit mystified at Keeley and Nira's interaction towards each other as evidenced by them both submitting to each other at the same time. Keeley is the last to molt in the spring and will not part with her "used" fur easily. She does not have the amount of winter fur that Ingo and Nira do. She also seems to be a bit particular about where things belong in "her" enclosure. At times, she has not approved of people moving objects within her enclosure without her permission. Keeley has been bothered by biting flies this year. At one point, she had lost some fur around the ears. In the past, the flies have not bothered the wolves much but this year we had to apply some fly cream to their ear tips. The cream is a brilliant pink color. Once the pink creme was applied to her ears, it gave her a punk look. Since the application of the cream, her fur has come back. Keeley really seems to enjoy being scratched and petted and will readily submit for a belly rub to a few individuals. She has been doing remarkably well on our open days. Last year, she had a tendency to stay towards the back of the enclosure, farther away from the public. This year she seems much more relaxed and will often times lie within view of the bleachers. Keeley is a favorite of all who meet her. Wolf Timbers is fortunate to have her.




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