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Spring Update on Keeley-2001

Spring is a time of newness and wonder. The buds on the trees bring forth leaves and the scent of flowers is everywhere. You feel the urge to slip off your socks and run barefoot through the grass. Here at Wolf Timbers, Keeley runs barefoot 365 days a year. "Miss Keeley" as she is occasionally referred too, is having a great spring season. Unlike the boys, she is shedding her fur gracefully. Keeley always seems to be the last one to shed her fur, and looks the best doing so. She tends to be a little itchier at this time of year, but she has plenty of helping hands to get to those hard to reach "itchy" spots. There is still some thickness to her coat, but within the next few weeks she will display her streamlined summer look. Keeley is our Alpha female, being the only female in the Wolf Timbers pack. Although she is the Alpha female, she still is usually the last of the three wolves to eat. This doesn't seem to bother her, and she never goes away hungry. Her favorite thing to do with a new deer carcass is to run over, snatch off the tail and retreat to a quite corner to chew on her prize. She is a very shy and reserved wolf, especially to those new to her. But, once a human has gained her trust, she is a very generous giver of wolfie kisses and tongue baths. She is in excellent health, weighing in at around 85 pounds at her last checkup. She is currently up to date on all her vaccinations. As Keeley gets older, she seems calmer and more confident. A few years ago, with each open day or program, Keeley would often hide towards the back of the enclosure, unsure of the new people. It is a wonderful thing to see her now, perched upon "her" platform, calmly surveying the visitors who have come to see her. Recently, the wolves at Wolf Timbers celebrated their birthdays with a party. All the wolves were born in April. Keeley was born on April 21st, 1997. Wolf Timbers invited all wolf sponsors and the general public to come party with the wolves. Each wolf was presented with a frozen birthday "cake". This consisted of chicken broth and ground, cooked deer meat frozen into a circular form. Topped off with softened vanilla ice cream and hot dog for candles, it was the highlight to the day. Keeley relished hers, and made sure the boys didn't bother her while she was eating. Ingo will occasionally make off with a Keeley treat, such as a cantaloupe, sardine etc. There are a few treats that she will stake her claim too, one of these being apples. She loves her apples and makes it clear to both Nira and Ingo. Wolf Timbers has had a very busy 2001-year to date. During the earlier part of the year, we hosted several school groups who came to visit Keeley and the boys. Keeley will still, at times, hold back at the beginning of a program. By the end, she will be participating in scent rolling or howling with Nira and Ingo. Keeley is all that the spirit of the wolf embodies. She is beautiful, graceful, soulful and wild. As her sponsor, you help us care for her and keep her content in body and spirit. We invite you to visit her and create your own Keeley experience.




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