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Spring Update on Keeley - 2012

May 2012

Keeley seems to be doing fine. Her coat is a bit more grayish and whiter than years past. She moves a little slower and has not howled in a while - probably approaching a year now. However, even with all the aches and pains I am sure she feels, her mental and emotional health seem to be as good as ever, if not slightly better. No longer is she always looking over her shoulder to find that pesky Ingo. Keeley and Nira can be seen interacting with one another and wagging their tails. A few weeks ago, during a work day, we noticed Keeley biting at some twigs. Nothing unusual. The exact turn of events have been slightly clouded but, as you become used to watching others and their expressions when working with the wolves for 15 years, I noticed one of our volunteers stopped in their tracks and looking up into the enclosure - I followed and there was Keeley, pawing at her mouth. We watched her for a minute then entered the enclosure. We approached her and she did not run away and exhibited no signs of difficulty breathing (nothing lodged in her throat). Nicolette came in the enclosure to assist and although Keeley did not become anxious or run away, she was still pawing at her mouth and at times, actually had her whole paw in her mouth. Nicolette sat down and Keeley approached her. At that time, Nicolette wanted me to sit down to see if Keeley approached me as she did with Nicolette. Sure enough, Keeley came over to me and I began rubbing around her ears then forehead, then neck, then mouth and finally, I opened her mouth and looked inside. At first, I could not see anything, then, as I remember a similar event years ago with Nira, I looked up into the roof of her mouth and there the culprit was - hiding! A small twig, about an inch and 3 quarters long was lodged crosswise in the roof of her mouth between her canine teeth. I slowly reached in and grabbed a-hold of the slimy piece of wood and yanked it out.

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