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Summer and Early Fall months of 2000

This update on Keeley covers the late summer and early fall months, 2000. Keeley weathered the spring and summer months well. Luckily for the wolves, a breeze always seems to be present at Wolf Timbers - to keep the hot and humid air moving. Add the shade provided by the many trees that surround Wolf Timbers (this is where the name "Wolf Timbers" came from - all of the timber on the property) and you have a relatively cool place on even the hottest of days. Keeley has maintained her weight very well and has gradually, with Nira's help, exercised more of a role as the "beta" wolf in the pack of three that we have. Although her "official" status is ALPHA female, the reality that she is the only female kind of makes this point moot. Therefore, we are looking at pack structure in terms of total pack hierarchy. Currently, this places Keeley, in addition to her status as alpha female, as the overall beta wolf (as long as Nira is near her). As you know, there are two alphas (generally) in a pack, one female, and the other male. There are also beta wolves, generally referred to as "second in command". Keeley would fit the role as beta wolf, at least for now. However, the literature does not generally support the concept of a female "beta" wolf. I do not know why this is. We must also mention that it is only the presence of Nira that has allowed Keeley to attain this ranking. This will be a very interesting situation to watch as we progress through this winter and into spring. Keeley is becoming more used to visitors. During the past summer, she did not exhibit as much tendency to run for cover on the other side of the enclosure when we had visitors during our open days. Rather, she would seek shelter at the first hint of visitors, then, as the visitors settled down, she would come over to the fence in front of the bleachers and "eye" the humans. She had also on a number of occasions, lain down next to the fence, looking at an interesting human or two on the bleachers. Keeley also continues to display "interest" to Shadow, Marty and Michelle's domestic canine - which brings one to mention that we also have a new four legged "friend" at Wolf Timbers - a rebellious feline named "Spooky". Keeley remains in good health and is vigorous, energetic and fun to be around. She is eager to "hand out" wolf kisses to those that she is comfortable with. A Keeley wolf kiss can sometimes substitute for a bath - she really gets into greeting the volunteers. Keeley seems to enjoy exploring us humans to the extent possible. I can remember one day when Keeley had her nose down Marty`s left boot - which is an old fireman's boot. Obviously the odor must have been intriguing to say the least. She will also try to stick her nose into an open jacket or coat and pick up all of the interesting odors. Keeley seems much more confident and relaxed, now that she has had a few years at Wolf Timbers. She is no longer bothered by strange cars driving down the lane, unusual noises in the woods or even a bleacher full of children. Keeley is very interesting to watch. At times, it seems as if she is the instigator in many of the "play" situations that come about at Wolf Timbers, much to Ingo`s disadvantage. Keeley will entice Ingo to chase her - which he does. Nira will then get involved in the chase but not to chase Keeley. Nira will intercept Ingo as he is unaware that Nira is watching him. Keeley will then turn around, see that Ingo is no longer chasing her but to find Ingo running from Nira. Keeley will then reverse the role and begin to chase Ingo. On August 18th, Keeley received her vaccinations. This went really well and quick. Dr. Duerr also made a visit and gave Keeley a clean bill of health. On October 29th, we had a "pumpkin party" for the wolves. We had people fill up pumpkins with wolf treats and then they placed their pumpkin in the enclosure. The wolves seemed to enjoy this, once they were shown that the pumpkins held treats for them. From all of us at Wolf Timbers, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.

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