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Spring Update on Nira-2001

Spring has finally shown it's lovely face at Wolf Timbers. The trees are lush with green leaves, the flowers fragrant with blossoms and Nira is in need of a hairstylist. Now is the time the wolves shed their thick winter coats. Unfortunately, in Nira's case, this leaves him looking like a large wooly mammoth. This has also made him a little cranky, due to the humid conditions and shedding fur. He is one itchy wolf. All of this will get better with time, as spring progresses to summer and the remainder of fur is shed. Most of the fur on his lower torso has been shed, leaving behind an impressive "mane" surrounding his upper shoulders and chest. There is a large "striped" area down the middle of his back that has lost the winter fur. This gives him a rather strange appearance. Nira remains the Alpha of the pack, showing his dominance over Ingo whenever the youngster steps beyond the boundary line that only a wolf can determine. Despite Nira's scruffy appearance, he is in other wise perfect health. The last time Nira was weighed, he measured in at around 110 pounds. All of his vaccinations are up to date. He continues to have a large appetite and enjoys the occasional treats such as; apples, dog biscuits and sardines. Recently, Nira and the other two wolves celebrated their birthdays. All of the wolves at Wolf Timbers were born in April. Nira's birthday is April 9th, 1997. Wolf Timbers celebrated by having a party. The Wolf Birthday Eggstravaganza was held on April 22nd and all sponsors and the public where invited. The highlight was when the wolves indulged in their "birthday cakes". The cakes were made from frozen chicken broth mixed with ground cooked deer meat and topped with melted vanilla ice cream and hot dogs. Nira really seemed to enjoy this cool, tasty treat! Wolf Timbers officially opened its season on May 6th. Prior to this, we have been very busy with several school tours. The school children come to Wolf Timbers to meet the wolves as well as listen to an educational program. Nira is always on hand and ready to help out for a program. He is usually one of the first of the three wolves to greet the children as they enter the compound and have a seat on the bleachers. Ever curious, you may notice Nira sniffing the air or even rubbing up against the enclosure fence in order to catch some of the interesting smells coming from the other side. All of us at Wolf Timbers thank you for your sponsorship of Nira. Because of you, we are able to care for him and help keep him healthy and content. We invite you to visit him this year and get a personal glimpse of this noble, gentle fellow.







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