Western Wolf Problems

By Sheriff Mike Cook

I guess I will never get over how stupid the U.S. government and the United States Fish & Wildlife Services can be. They never seem to learn from history nor do they pay any attention to the people they represent and serve. I'm talking about the wolf problem we now have in several states.

First of all when the government outlawed alcohol many years ago it was a very unpopular law so many people, who were law abiding before that, became criminals and used alcohol or made it illegally. It made many people rich and turned society upside down. Well reintroduction of the wolves that were removed from the lower forty eight states for many good reasons, as that was what the people wanted, is like prohibition. Doesn't take a lot of brains to figure that one out now does it.

Now they get upset and offer rewards when a wolf gets shot someplace and expect people to turn in the person who did it. How stupid can you be, these are hero's like the Robin Hood of old. People are upset that the government jammed down our throat a bunch of wolves we never wanted and the law that protects them is unpopular and making criminals of people who would otherwise be law abiding citizens.

The sad fact is the government is using the Endangered Species Act to protect the wolf. The truth is they are not endangered. Alaska and Canada have lots of wolves. So many they have authorized hunting the wolf from aircraft in Alaska to help control them so they don't wipe out the Caribou and Moose in that state. So it's a lie that they are endangered. We can no longer allow this zip coding of our wildlife under this act, it's stupid.

Another problem in this nation of ours is we need to bring back our representative form of government again. I like many am tired of people in the city telling the rest of us how to live. They have no right to put their ideals on us and visa versa. If they want wolves then go to the zoo and see them, don't make us live with them.

Our court system must also be brought under control or revised. They were never suppose to make law from the bench. They are only there to pass judgment and make rulings on the Constitution. The special interest groups are using the court system and activist judges to ram things down our throat that we don't need or want. This is very wrong and will lead to the downfall of America.

Seems like history has a way of repeating itself doesn't it? So now the people who are in the majority who don't want the wolves must resort to a life of crime to show our government that we don't want wolves and never did. Our fathers and grandfathers wouldn't have eliminated them if we had wanted them. What part of "NO" don't you understand.

Wolves for one thing are the most nasty predators ever to walk the land. They don't kill their prey clean. They will bring down a large animal and the method used is savage. They bite the muscles of the back legs and render them useless. They bite the sides of the animal and cause blood loose and weakness. Then once the animal is down they start eating it before it dies. The people who have witnessed this have indicated that some large animals live for extended periods of time before they die while being eaten alive.

So I ask you, why doesn't our government and the bureaucrats who run the federal wildlife agency pay any attention to the people and history? The answer is simple, they are pushing a personal agenda and representing a small group of people who want to stop you from raising livestock and enjoying the great outdoors. These people put up all kinds of smoke screens to say that the wolf will help the natural balance of the ecosystem, and they want to hear the howl of the wolf again. They even get the Native Americans involved. Well this is one big lie that they shove down your throat. The main reason is to drive the livestock producer off the land and the hunter and fisherman out of the woods. The wolf is nothing more than their Trojan horse.

If you don't believe that just talk with the Robinette family that has a ranch to the southeast of Yellowstone Park. They joke that 1995 was the last year they got a good nights sleep. This year, already they've lost at least eight calves to wolves and a half dozen dogs, including a Great Pyranees. The breed can handle bears, but proved not to be a match for a hungry wolf.

Now here in Oregon the government has put together a group of people to come up with a management plan and make recommendations for how to manage the wolf when it comes to Oregon. Well the people who live where the wolf will come have a simple plan that they may as well learn. Shot them and keep them the hell out of Oregon. We don't want them and we sure don't need another large predator eating our already depleted large game animals. The ranchers in Oregon have said over and over, NO WOLVES. How much more plain can it be.

It's time for the people to stand up for what is right and quit letting the special interest groups walk all over us. It's time to use force if necessary to show the government that they work for us not the other way around. We don't want wolves in Oregon or any other state in the lower forty eight. They are costing us to much of our hard earned dollars and that money could be better spent on other things we need. So if you like making criminals out of honest citizens keep shoving this crap down our throats.

Get involved and do whatever it takes to get those elected officials who support the wolf plan out of office. The endangered species act must be reformed or done away with. Make sure our new elected representatives fire the bureaucrats who are pushing these things on us and take back control of our government. We don't want wolves and we sure as hell don't need them killing our livestock, wild animals, and most of all our children.

God Bless America.

God Bless our Troops still in Harms Way.

Michael E. Cook, Coos County Sheriff, Retired.



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