Photographers are welcome to take pictures or film our wolves in their naturalistic enclosure. We have set up the following prices and regulations. These fees and regulations are PER PHOTOGRAPHER since each photographer must have a representative of Wolf Timbers present with him or her during the entire session.

  • $75.00 per hour per photographer. If consecutive hours are involved, each hour after the first hour will be $50.00.
  • $50.00 per hour for taking pictures through the fence.

The representative of Wolf Timbers will determine the maximum amount of time. Additionally, some sessions have the possibility of being cut short by the representative of Wolf Timbers if he/she feels that the photographer’s equipment or person is in danger, or the wolves are in danger. There are no refunds given for any circumstances. Each photographer will receive a one-year membership to Wolf Timbers.

Fees are collected prior to the beginning of the session. The length of the session is agreed on prior to entering the enclosure. There are no refunds made if a session is not completed. Sessions must be scheduled two weeks in advance unless available staff is present.

Commercial video or fees are not included in this fee schedule. Please contact us for further information.

Each photographer enters the enclosure at his/her own risk. A SAFETY REGULATIONS / WAIVER must be signed prior to entering the enclosure.

All published material requires the following credit: "Photographed at Wolf Timbers, Bolivar, Ohio, USA."

News media material, which provides free publicity to Wolf Timbers, is not charged a fee. However, a copy of the material is requested for us to use in our educational programs.

Prices and regulations may be changed at any time. Wolf Timbers is not responsible for any loss or damage to your equipment, for any reason.


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